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After 18 months of work and another six months of preparations, the enlarged La Piscine museum
will reopen its doors on 20 October 2018 at 15.00 and will be inviting the public
to join in a grand festive celebration throughout the weekend. To mark this
much-needed expansion to provide a bigger and better showcase for
the treasures of the Roubaix collections, La Piscine will welcome some
exceptional guests!

Maintaining its well-known pattern of three seasons of annual exhibitions
which simultaneously present four or five exhibitions and installations, La
Piscine will begin an unparalleled season with particularly
prestigious guests such as Hervé Di Rosa, Pablo Picasso and
Alberto Giacometti.


Head into 2019 with the long-awaited Lille 3000!

Starting on 27 April, Lille will continue its cultural adventure with
this, the 5th great themed event, with its focus firmly on
contemporary creativity.

As a gateway to the future, Lille 3000 is keen to explore the
richness and complexities of tomorrow's world by examining
the different ways in which it is developing 👌

On the itinerary: exhibitions, street sculptures, themed evenings and
discoveries of all kinds!