Enjoy inventive, gourmet cuisine

The Arbre Voyageur restaurants are made for epicureans. Whether you're a fan of local, gourmet or cocktail cuisine, our "Jane" and "Ma Reine" restaurants are sure to delight you. Let us surprise you with our original seasonal menus. Whether at the table, in your room or to take away, we will awaken your taste buds.

Le Colibri patisserie

If cultivating difference is our job, letting you taste it is the most concrete example. We offer you the chance to taste unique products including a selection of pastries from our Pastry Chef and breads from Maison LESAGE, as well as wines and Champagne from our Fine Grocery.

Gift vouchers

Looking for an original gift idea? We offer "Gift Vouchers" for both restaurants.

They can be purchased when you make your reservation. Ideal for a lovely surprise.